Research Grants

The Society supports research mathematics under several different grants schemes.Grant applicants should be a mathematician based in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands at the time of application and when the event, visit or meeting is planned. Please note that should a grant holder leave the UK before the planned event, visit or meeting then the grant will be withdrawn. If the grant is for a conference or event, then there is the possibility of the grant being transferred to a co-organiser who is still based in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Please note that only one grant, per Scheme, per person, per °Ŀfinancial year (1 August - 31 July) is allowed.

The life of an °ĿGrant is two financial years (1 August - 31 July).All awarded grants need to be claimed no later than the 31 July in the second year of the grant, i.e., if a grant is awarded in the 2023/24 financial year, the grant will need to be claimed by the 31 July 2026. Any grants that have not been claimed within the two-year period will be withdrawn.

Guidance notes on these schemes are available here.

Grant schemes

  • Scheme 1: Conference Grants - up to £5,500 available.
    Scheme 1 award success rate 2022/23: 92%

  • Scheme 2: Visiting Speakers to the UK - up to £1,500 available.
    Scheme 2 award success rate 2022/23: 100%

  • Scheme 3: Joint Research Groups - up to £1,500 available per academic year.
    Scheme 3 award success rate 2022/23: 100%

  • Scheme 4: Research Reboot / Research in Pairs (Scheme 4) - up to £1,000 available for a Research Reboot Grant and up to £1,200 available for a Research in Pairs Grant. Scheme 4 award success rate 2022/23: 96%
  • Scheme 5: Collaborations with Developing Countries
    Scheme 5 award success rate 2022/23: 91%

  • Scheme 6:Research Workshop Grants- up to £4,000 available. Scheme 6 award success rate 2022/23: 100%

  • Scheme 7: Computer Science Small Grants - up to £750 available per grant.

  • Scheme 8: Postgraduate Research Conference Grants - up to £2,500 available.
    Scheme 8 award success rate 2022/23: 58%

  • Scheme 9: Celebrating New Appointments - up to £400-£500 available.
    Scheme 9 award success rate 2022/23: 100%

  • Early Career Researcher Travel Grants -up to £500 available.
    Early Career Researcher travel grants award success rate 2022/23: 56%

    Success rates

    In the 2022/23financial year, 96% of applications for funding under a Scheme 1 - 6 Research Grant were successful. In the 2022/23financial year 64% of applications for funding for Early Career Researcher Grants (Scheme 8, Scheme 9 and Travel grants) were successful.


    Applications for Schemes 1 - 6 are considered by the

    Applications for Scheme 7 are considered by the Computer Science Committee.

    Applications for Schemes 8 - 9 and the Early Career Research Travel Grants are considered by the

°ĿCaring Costs Policy

The °Ŀwishes to enable carers and parents to take part in the activities that it supports. Applicants for grants across Schemes 1-9, for Early Career Research activities or who will run Society Meetings can request funding to help mathematicians with caring or parenting responsibilities to participate in their activities. In addition, individuals requiring support for caring to attend conferences, workshops, research schools and meetings or to make research visits - not necessarily organised by °Ŀ- can apply for aCaring SupplementaryGrantto contribute to such costs.

The Policy is availablehere.

Other sources of funding:

Information about other funding offered by other organisations can be found here.