Honorary Members

Each year, the Council of the 新澳开奖considers the election of Honorary Members of the Society amongst distinguished mathematicians who are not normally resident within the United Kingdom. The election of Honorary Members is made by Council, subject to confirmation by the Society at an Ordinary Meeting.

There is no statutory limit on the number of Honorary Members that can be elected in any year, and there is no constraint on the time or frequency of such elections.听

Honorary Members in 2023

The London Mathematical Society has elected the following people to Honorary Membership of the Society in 2023:

Professor Mouhamed Moustapha Fall, President and Professor at AIMS Senegal

Professor Raman Parimala, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at Emory University, USA

Their brief citations read:

Professor Mouhamed Moustapha Fall has made outstanding contributions in the fields of partial differential equations and differential geometry, in particular through fundamental results concerning the existence and non-existence of solutions of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations inspired by deep questions in mathematical physics and differential geometry. He is also highly recognised for his relentless support for the advancement of the mathematical sciences in Africa through his outstandng research and public engagement. In recognition of his many contributions, he was awarded the 2022 Ramanujan Prize and was also an invited speaker at the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro.

Professor Raman Parimala has made fundamental contributions to the theory of quadratic forms, Galois cohomology, and the theory of principal bundles for algebraic groups. Among her many achievements, we note especially her proof with Eva Bayer-Fluckiger of the triviality of principal bundles for classical algebraic groups over fields of cohomological dimension at most two, a deep and difficult result that had been conjectured by Jean-Pierre Serre. Professor Parimala's research has been distinguished throughout her career by her masterful amalgamation of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, whereby intricate constructions at the interface of the three domains lead to the resolution of difficult problems of both classical and modern nature.

Full citations will appear in the听.

Full list of Honorary Members (PDF)