Mathematics Education

The London Mathematical Society has a major commitment to mathematics education.听

The 新澳开奖Education Committee is involved in a wide range of activities, from supporting mathematical education in schools, colleges and universities, to encouraging the public and young people to appreciate and engage with mathematics. It ensures that the views of the Society on mathematical educational issues are made known to decision makers and works to promote the public image of mathematics.

See below for further information on the wide range of activities and support offered by the Society.


The 新澳开奖offers two main grant schemes to teachers and other educators:

  • Small Grants for Education听
  • Grants for Teacher CPD

The Small Grants for Education scheme offers partial funding of events that stimulate interest and enable involvement in mathematics from Key Stage 1 (age 5+) to undergraduate level and beyond. The Grants for Teacher CPD scheme is divided into two parts: 1) 'multiple' grants for teacher CPD, intended for organisers of regular mathematics education conferences; and 2) grants for teacher CPD: teaching and learning in higher education.听

See more information on Education grant schemes here.


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