Advertise in the 新澳开奖Newsletter

罢丑别听新澳开奖Newsletter听is the newsletter of the London Mathematical Society.听 It appears six times a year (September, November, January, March, May and July). The Newsletter is distributed to just under 3,000 individual members, as well as UK universities and reciprocal societies and other academic bodies such as the British Library.听It contains mathematical feature articles, news, book reviews and details of conferences and other events in the mathematical world.

A typical issue runs to 40-56 pages and carries 2鈥3 pages of advertising.


Advertisement required in advance of the issue:

Issue Advert required by
September 24 July
December 23 October
February 18 December
May 25 March


Press-ready PDF with artwork at actual size (see below).听Please include 5 mm bleed for full-page adverts only. Do not include crop marks. Smaller adverts should not include bleed or crop marks. Please ensure that the resolution is at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at actual size.


Current print circulation: 1,710: 1,295 UK; 198 Europe; 217 rest of the world.

An average of 834 members receive a direct link to the online PDF, and this is also made available to our 2,800 followers on Twitter.


Advertisements are not accepted for events that occur within the first week of the publication month.

Mailed to members on the first day of the month of issue.

Advert dimensions and prices

Dimensions (width x height) Commercial Non-Commercial
Mono Colour Mono Colour
Full page 210 mm x 270 mm, plus 5 mm bleed on all sides. Do not include crop marks. 拢500.00 拢550.00 拢400.00 拢450.00
Half page - landscape 158听mm x 120听mm (no bleed) 拢270.00 拢310.00 拢215.00 拢240.00
Half page - portrait 75听mm x 225听mm (no bleed) 拢270.00 拢310.00 拢215.00 拢240.00
Quarter page 75听mm x 120听mm (no bleed) 拢155.00 拢175.00 拢120.00 拢140.00

Advertisements also appear in the on-line pdf version of the Newsletter. There is no agency commission. VAT is applicable at the appropriate rate. Invoices are sent on publication with voucher copy.


Inserts, which must be听no larger than 210 x 270 mm, are charged at the same price as a double page advert (non commercial mono 拢995.00; colour 拢1140.00/commercial mono 拢765.00, colour 拢840.00)听PLUS听the additional cost of postage resulting from the weight of the insert (charged at net cost to the LMS).

  • UK听鈥撎1,800 inserts required
  • UK and Europe听鈥撎2,100 inserts required
  • UK, Europe and Rest of the world听鈥撎2,500 inserts required

Advertising policy

It is the view of the Newsletter Editorial Board that advertising is a legitimate source of revenue to support the publication.

The Newsletter Editorial Board is responsible for decisions on whether or not to publish an advertisement. In cases where agreement cannot be reached, the final decision will be made by the 新澳开奖Council.

The 新澳开奖policy on advertising in the LMS听Newsletter听is as follows:

  1. The Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse any advertising deemed inappropriate.
  2. Advertising which contravenes current legislation, particularly Equality and Diversity, will not be accepted.
  3. Advertisements which might damage the reputation of the Society will not be accepted.
  4. Advertising material must be able to be differentiated from editorial content.
  5. The claims made in an advertisement are not endorsed by the Newsletter Editorial Board or 新澳开奖Council.

Approved by Council
May 2013


Orders/artwork to be e-mailed directly to:

Miss Susan M. Oakes, Administrative Editor
London Mathematical Society
De Morgan House
57鈥58 Russell Square
London WC1B 4HS