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罢丑别听Newsletter听welcomes submissions of feature content, including mathematical articles, career-related articles, and micro-theses, from members and non-members.

Submission deadlines

The Newsletter is published four times per year, in September, December, February and May. The deadlines for each issue are:


Article required by


24 July


23 October


18 December


25 March

Contact information

Feature content should be submitted to the editor-in-chief, Alina Vdovina, at听

News items should be sent to听

Notices of events should be sent to听

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LaTeX templates

The 新澳开奖Newsletter is prepared in LaTeX and submissions should be prepared in LaTeX when possible. For those not familiar with LaTeX, we can accept submissions in Word. LaTeX templates for various article types are linked below. Each link will download a directory containing the Newsletter鈥檚 class file and a template that contains author guidance. Note that the class file requires a fairly recent TeX installation to compile.

Download the template for听feature articleshere.

Download the template for听microtheseshere.

Download the template for听book听reviewshere.

Download the template for听eventshere.

Download the template for听obituarieshere.

Download the template for听reports of 新澳开奖eventshere.

Download the template for听visitshere.