Women and Diversity in Mathematics

The London Mathematical Society is committed to actively addressing issues related to gender and broader diversity in mathematics.聽 It is concerned about the loss of women from mathematics, particularly at the higher levels of research and teaching, and at the disadvantages and missed opportunities that this represents for the advancement of mathematics. The Council Statement on Women in Mathematics recognises the need to give active consideration to ensuring that men and women are treated equally in their prospects, recognition and progression.

In 2020 the 新澳开奖Women in Mathematics (WiM) Committee expanded its remit from a focus on gender inequalities in mathematics to allow it to take a much broader look at other aspects of diversity within the mathematical community. The committee was renamed the Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics (CWDM) to reflect its wider mission. Read more about the CWDM remit here.

In 2016, CWDM was awarded the Royal Society's inaugural .

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine

The 新澳开奖Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics notes with great concern the ongoing military aggression in Ukraine and its immediate-, middle- and long-term devastating impact on millions of innocent people. Among them are many women mathematicians and their families.

In March 2022 the Society鈥檚 President, Professor Ulrike Tillmann, made a statement deploring the invasion of Ukraine by Russian government forces. Since then, the Society has launched several strands of work in its areas of activity to respond to these devastating developments.

The Society actively supports members of the mathematical community who are seeking refuge in the United Kingdom as a result of the invasion, and our Committee encourages mathematicians and in particular women mathematicians to get in touch via membership@lms.ac.uk. Information and further details, including on the grants available and how to apply for them, can be found here.


  • May 2023: The Committee has obtained updated benchmarking data showing gender distribution in UK mathematics departments for 2011-2022.聽
  • November 2022: The Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics has published its Advice on Creating a Positive Environment at Events.
  • . The 新澳开奖Committee for Women and Diversity in Mathematics supports the聽Open Letter on the Coronavirus Crisis from European Women in聽Mathematics (EWM), and calls on all UK universities, mathematics聽Departments, and funding agencies to take into account the uneven impact聽that the coronavirus crisis has had when considering job applications.
  • The 新澳开奖Council has published some Advice on Diversity at Conferences and Seminars.
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  • now available helping to connect women in the UK working in mathematics or who have a mathematics background.
  • The London Mathematical Society's Women in Mathematics Committee was awarded the inaugural .
  • The Women in Mathematics Committee has published a .
  • The Society has published updated benchmarking data on the gender balance in UK mathematics departments for the academic years 2011/12 through to 2014/15. 聽This data updates the data previously published in the report Advancing women in mathematics: good practice in UK university departments. 聽The updated data and other resources for departments can be found here.
  • The Athena Forum has published a .
  • . 聽This article considers how to address this underrepresentation and provides some practical suggestions for organising conferences in ways that are equitable for female mathematicians.
  • The Athena Forum has relaunched its . 聽The Forum informs the wider debate on diversity in STEMM through events and other activities that advance the understanding of the role of women in academic STEMM.
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  • House of Commons Science and Technology Committee lauches its report on .
  • STEMNET has launched a new online resource, , in which six diverse and inspirational female STEM ambassadors talk about the importance that maths plays in their role on an everyday basis.
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  • The 新澳开奖launched its report聽Advancing women in mathematics: good practice in UK university departments聽at the House of Commons on 27th February.
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